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CAC Enterprise Appointed Authorised Reseller of STEAM CLIP™

We recently signed an agreement to become an authorised reseller of the award winning multi functional travel gadget STEAM CLIP™ and it will be available from our store and on in the next few days.

With STEAM CLIP™ seasoned travellers will easily and conveniently use the hotel shower to save time and steam wrinkles - even with the awkward hotel hangers and in nearly every single type of shower.

Taking it to the Next Level: It’s also a Multi-tool!

STEAM CLIP™ Multi-tool features

+ Bottle opener + Thread & tag cutter

+ Smartphone stand + Ruler

Additional STEAM CLIP™ functions

+ Use to keep purse or jacket off bathroom floor in airport

+ Utility hook over doors & closets in the hotel room

+ Extra hook around the house

+ What a great gift idea!

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