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UMATE Limited formed to bring UmbrellaMate to market!

CACEnterprise Limited (CACE) and Redgrove Consultants Limited (RCL) are excited to announce that their joint venture to bring UmbrellaMate to market was formally sealed last month with the formation of a new company called Umate Limited.

“We are delighted to be involved at such an early stage with this exciting and innovative product. With our contacts in the golfing industry, we believe we can help Umate reach a larger audience and boost sales.’ Comments David O’Brien, Director at RCL.

Craig Crowhurst, CACE Managing Director add;

“This is a really exciting development and has enabled the first phase of production to start earlier than planned. With RCL’s resources and support we will also be able to accelerate the direct sales channels as well as the on-line sales”

The first stage of the Production phase will now start with the tooling needed to manufacture the product being made.

Further updates to follo

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