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Richard Bell - Nottingham

I've worked many years in retail and at the highest standard managing a high end British designer fashion store. So I have always pride myself on fantastic customer service. Going that extra mile to please customers. 
I've had major surgery recently and sadly whilst in hospital recovering I developed something worse. My father who runs his own business had to drop things to be by my side in hospital to care for me.
He's a huge golf fan and had planned a golf trip with his society abroad. I wanted to get him something as a thank you. Something he hadn't got or come across yet. That's when I came across the TidyGolfer.

The problem was I only had 2 days to organised and get it here before his trip. So I got in touch with the managing director of CACEnterprise, a lovely gentleman called Craig who after I had explained my situation went that extra mile to not only get my product to me before my father went away but communicated with me all the way and even refused to charge me the extra postage. 
In my time in retail which has come to an end now. I find it very rare to meet people who will do something just from the goodness of their heart. 
Upon having a good conversation with Craig about how he started his business venture. I felt it necessary to compliment him on his service start to finish. 

People like this really do deserve to go far in business that's for sure. 

Craig thank you so much for everything. More businesses need to be like yours

Customer Success Story: About Us
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