GRIP-DRY® is an innovative golf product that has solved some basic problems golfers face when playing in wet or damp conditions. 


If you are like millions of other golfers that play golf in the wet early morning dew, or on those wet conditions after a rain, then you need a GRIP-DRY®. 


No more bending over to push a tee into the wet grass and balancing your unused club on it. GRIP-DRY® fits easily in your back pocket and is very lightweight.


A product that is so easy to use…and has so many benefits… and a FREE ball maker! 


  • Protects your grips by keeping them elevated from the wet grass, sand and toxic fertilizers 
  • Keeps your clubs in plain view to eliminate lost wedges that may otherwise get left behind on or around the greens. It’s your “no club left behind tool”
  • Saves your back & knees! No more bending over to push a tee into the ground or pick up your second club. Simply hook another club under the elevated grip…and lift
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Made from durable impact grade plastic 
  • Great golf day and promotional gift giving idea


SKU: CACE00003
  • Before placing or dropping your extra club on the ground, either snap the GRIP-DRY® on the shaft under the grip, or place it lower on the shaft and slide it upwards until snug.


    The club shaft and grip will then sit nicely above the wet surface - staying dry and easy to picl up with a second club or putter.